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01 March 2012 @ 05:56 am

Chapter Summary: With classes starting, Fuji has no time for unease.  But is he really suited for playing tennis at Rikkai?

Chapter Nine: School

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11 April 2011 @ 10:40 pm
Chapter Summary: Tournament season is fast approaching.  Fuji gets his first taste of tennis as an official member of the Rikkai team.

Chapter Eight: Law

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27 February 2011 @ 07:07 pm
Chapter Summary: Fuji straddles the past and present, looking both at where he’s come from and what his future holds.

Chapter Seven: Birth

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13 February 2011 @ 09:56 pm
Chapter Summary: A decision is made.  In order to forge new bonds, sometimes old ones must be broken.  Exactly how will Fuji's choice affect the other members of the Seigaku tennis club?  The time has come to reveal to them what their tensai has been up to.

Chapter Six: Resignation

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20 September 2010 @ 12:01 am
Chapter Summary: With the Master's approval in hand, the only obstacle remaining in Fuji's path is the Emperor.  What must Fuji do to earn the recognition of the final member of the Rikkai Big Three?

Chapter Five: Emperor

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06 September 2010 @ 07:52 pm
I'm finally back after my somewhat-unintentional summer hiatus.  I knew there was going to be at least a month where I wouldn't have access to my notes or the internet because of a long-distance summer trip, but I had hoped to get at least one chapter out before my departure.  I regret that it didn't happen.  I also feel bad that it's taken me so long to jump back into the story once I returned home.  After being away for so long, and being so unhappy with the way Chapter 5 was developing before my hiatus, I knew I would have to re-read the posted chapters and the outline to make sure I captured the same general tone and writing style I had been using.

It was re-evaluating the story that held me up from restarting work on Chapter 5 again.  I would open up my work files every now and then, but I always worried that by the time I read through the chapters I wouldn't have any time left to write...so I just never started reviewing the old chapters, which of course meant that I never started revising Chapter 5. 

I'd occasionally get notifications that a new reader had added this story to their alerts/favorites, which always amazed me since I'm sure this story fell pretty low in the category, but no reviews until last night.  So, although I can't reply to you directly because your review was semi-anonymous, I really would like to thank eve for not only leaving a really lovely review, but also for giving me the kick in my pants to stop procrastinating and jump back into working on this story.  Rereading the chapters definitely helped, and I already free-wrote some new material for the next chapter thanks to inspiration from some passages in the earlier chapters.

I'm not sure that I can guarantee that I'm my harshest critic, but I probably rank high up there.  Here are some thoughts I jotted to myself as I worked my way through the posted chapters once again.

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To anyone reading this, thank you for sticking with this story!  I'm determined to finish this, but I really appreciate your patience. 
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29 May 2010 @ 07:29 am

All the Difference

Sorry for the delay!

Chapter Summary: Makeshift doubles!  Well, for Fuji at least.  Who will be his opponents...and who will be his partner?

Chapter Four: Doubles

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 A wacky schedule, family obligations and the finale of Lost tonight conspired with my muses to delay Chapter Four from being posted this weekend as planned.  I'm still hopeful that I'll get it out by late Monday or Tuesday, but here's a brief "deleted scene" (of sorts) that takes place during Chapter Three to hold you over until then.

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